E-Contents: Mathematics

Sl No: Topic Name Document
1 Differential Geometry Dr. Didimos K V
2 Separation axiom Dr. Jeenu Kurian
3 Functions Mr. Jeet Kurian Mattam
4 Limits of Functions Values Mr. Jeet Kurian Mattam
5 HCF LCM Mr. M P Sebastian
6 Profit and Loss Mr. M P Sebastian
7 Problems on Average Mr. Sanal Jose
8 area and perimeter Mr. Sanil Jose
9 Fourier Series Mr. Sanil Jose
10 more definitions Mr. Sanil Jose
11 odd or even functions Mr. Sanil Jose
12 Polynomials Mr. Sanil Jose
13 solution Mr. Sanil Jose
14 Partial Orderings Ms. Anju Wilson
15 Propositional Logic Ms. Anju Wilson
16 Matrices Ms. Aparna V
17 Second-Order Linear Differencial Equations Ms. Aparna V
18 MEAN, MEDIAN, MODE, RANGE Ms. Deepthi K Dasan
19 moments, skewness, kurtosis Ms. Deepthi K Dasan
20 probability,mgf, distributions Ms. Deepthi K Dasan
21 Basic Statistics Ms. Lakshmipriya
22 Applications of First Order Differential Equations Ms. Minnumol P K
23 Cylindrical and Spherical Coordinates Ms. Minnumol P K